Struggle: part of life.

Bear: someone stronger than suffering.

Club: do it together.

Struggle Bear Club was founded out of necessity. The need for all of us to stop pretending life is perfect all the time.

A response to a world filled with people sharing their highlights and avoiding the real conversations.

Too many of us have been taught to hide, to be ashamed of our struggles, to pretend it's all okay, all the time.

In reality, struggling is simply a part of life. It's how we grow.

The time has come to be honest. Let the world know we struggle together.

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Accept the Struggle

Life is full of struggles. From learning to walk and tying our shoes. To having our heart broken and grieving a loved one.

The struggles come in all shapes and sizes. They are simply just part of life.

Struggle don't Suffer

Struggling is a chapter, a piece of the story, a moment (some longer than others).

Struggling does not have to include the suffering. We can accept the struggle and not be ruined by it.

Do it Together

Struggle Bear Club is an agreement to struggle together.

To ask for help when we need it and to listen to those need us.

Share the Struggle

Share the real stories. The ones that are hard to share, yet need to come out.

Our lives are more than just highlights. Our struggles have helped us become who we are. Wear them with pride.

Our initiative is to build emotional resilience. Our youth needs the tools to get through this challenging life and we help with every sale.

  • First Descents

    Providing adventures for kids battling cancer

  • Sesame Workshop

    A classic still doing great work.

  • Active Minds

    Mental Health advocacy for high school students


The Future of SBC

Here at SBC we have big plans for the future. We see the potential of how Struggle Bear Club can provide a very needed space for those in need and those who can share the struggle.

Here is some of what's to come.

Story Time

The Podcast

Corey and Damien will be sharing stories with you and with the special guests about times of struggle, current struggles, and what we needed to hear.

Get the message to the kids


We are developing our beloved mascot "Oso" to communicate to the importance and relatability of the struggle to all generations.

Stuggling is better together

Struggle Games

We want to not only share the struggle, we want to celebrate it, together. The Struggle Games will be an event to laugh, cry, party, struggle and most importantly... start the conversation.

Need a bear?

The App

In time we want to make it easy to connect with more bears, so why not be able to connect with them at your finger tips?

Perks ahead


Coming very soon our club will launch with, exclusives, connection and more.

Ready to share the struggle?

Club perks, events and exclusives coming soon.