Our Initiative

15% of our profits and 100% of club membership fees go to fund our partners.

Our goal is build emotional resilience in children. They need to see examples of adults owning the challenges of life and having the tough conversations.

When we stop trying to live up to the highlight reel of social media then we can begin to appreciate all of life.

We partner with a small number of hand picked partners who are doing the tough work to fortify our youth and prepare them for all life has to offer.

  • First Descents

    Doing great work for families affected by cancer for almost 20 years.

  • Sesame Street Workshop

    Give children tools and coping skills to overcome both little and big challenges to help them learn and grow.

  • Erika's Lighthouse

    A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression.

  • Active Minds

    Creating hope out of tragedy.

  • Seize The Awkward

    Helping teach the tools needed to have the awkward conversations.

  • High Fives Foundation

    High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen.