Hi, I'm Oso, and I gotta say, some days suck.

We’ve all been there... just in it. In the struggle of the moment, the struggle of the day, the struggle of life.

Usually when I struggle, I want to hide.

Mostly because I'm scared of being judged, frightened of what others might think, and perhaps most of all, worried that others will try and fix me when I just need to be seen.

So I hide.

I hide in bed,
I hide in my favorite hoody,
I even hide in public.

What if we didn’t hide?

What if we let our struggles be seen?
What if we owned the hard moments?

The small ones and the big ones?

What if we realized that those of us struggling
outnumber those who aren’t?

What if we realized that we’re all part of some big club.

Just a bunch of Struggle Bears walking around, working through something.
Wanting to be acknowledged...
for our struggles, not in spite of them.

And since we’re all in it,
or have been at some point,
maybe it’s time we choose to band together,
own the struggle
and join the club.

Because some days suck... and that’s okay.


These bears don't hide.