we are Merch with a Mission

Grab some and let the world know we struggle together.

It’s a club of brave humans choosing to laugh at ourselves as we struggle.

Without judgement, without fixing, just going through it together.

Alana Nichols Joins the Club

5x Olympian in.. 3 different sports all after breaking her back.

Alana is a Struggle Bear.

  • Sharing > Hiding

    Say the thing.

    The thing that you need to let out. The age of sharing is here.

    Share the struggle.

  • Struggling ≠ Suffering

    Eveyone will struggle. Emotionally, physically ... the suffering happens when we are scared to struggle.

  • Listening > Fixing

    We all need to be heard.

    Just listened to.

    We need it.

Our Initiative

Build Emotional Resilience

We partner with a number of non-profits and donate a percentage of our profits to programs helping children build emotional resilience.