The world needs this message.

We think you can help.

If you think we should only share our highlights, if you think we should only struggle by ourselves hiding in private, if you think that our world is better off pretending that struggle isn't part of life, then please close this window.

However... If you believe it's time for us to share the real stories, be our true selves and teach the next generation that struggling is simply a part of life and nothing to hide from, then please read on.

Ready to be a struggle bear?

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We'd love for you to rep the struggle.

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We like your honesty.

Not every person with influence uses it for good. Even fewer are honest enough to share part of their real story. We appreciate that you do both.

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Here's The Deal

They win, you win, we win.

We want the culture to win. We want to shift perspectives. We want to support great orgs, and we want you and us to make money.

We offer top tier affiliate percentages because we care about the movement reaching the masses and we want to care for those helping make the difference.

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For the brave

Make more of a mark.

Those of you wanting to make a bigger impact we are pleased to team up at a deeper level. We love to do a collab for custom merch which we split at a higher percentage and with a more involved commitment from you.

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